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Gamiumis an SDK that can automate gameplay. Gamium provides the ability to script the behavior of game users. Starting with the simple ability to click on the UI, you can automate a variety of cases and free yourself from repetitive manual testing.

To simulate Gamium gameplay, we developed two components: Gamium Engine and Gamium Client. Include the Gamium Engine in your game build, and use the API provided by the Gamium Client to write your preferred test script

Gamium Engine

The Gamium Engine is responsible for executing the status of the game according to the request, such as virtual input. Start preparing to run the test, including the Gamium Engine SDK in the game build.

The following Gamium Engine SDK are currently supported.

Gamium Client

Gamium Client is a client that communicates with Gamium Engine. You can request virtual input such as a game status query, keyboard, mouse, etc. You can mix virtual inputs and conditional statement iterations to script the inputs in the flow you want. Create and run scripts to automate the tests you want.

The following Gamium Client SDK are currently supported.


Getting Started

To start gamium, you need a game project with gamium engine, and a code that uses gamium client. It can be difficult to proceed with this process at once. Therefore, if you are new to gamium, please refer to the Quick Start guide.

If you've used an automation library like Selenium, Appium, or Playwright beforehand, it's also a good idea to look around the Client document to see what it does.